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Welcome To My Home Page

My name is Michael Cline and I want to thank you for your interest in viewing some selections of my photography.  I hope that you will find the experience informative and worthwhile . 

My career as a photographer began after several years in the graphic arts business in Los Angeles.    I've worked professionally as a photojournalist for newspapers and magazines and as a  commercial photographer covering weddings, major social and business events, golf tournaments, advertising and PR assignments as well as family and business portraiture for over 30 years.


My photojournalism skills are essential to the style of wedding images I produce.  Rather than strictly adhering to a formal style, I enjoy capturing the story-telling aspects of each unique wedding.  This way, not only is the event documented but also the character of the wedding and it's participants are captured informally.  This photojournalistic approach is further extended to my portraiture as well.  Even in formal portraiture, it is vital to capture more than just the image of the person ; the goal should be to capture the special quality of that individual and I employ several techniques to accomplish that.

Rather than strictly adhering to a formal style, I enjoy capturing story-telling aspects of each unique wedding.


Site Enhancements

I will be adding different images, primarily wedding and portraiture, on a continuing basis.




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